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Riga Travel & Tourism City Guide
Riga Travel & Tourism City Guide
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Latvian Language: Important Phrases
Language Latvian, unlike Estonian, is an Indo-European language. This doesn't mean it's easier to speak, but at least it is in the same ballpark as German, English and most other European languages. Latvian is related to Lithuanian, and people from the two nations can roughly understand each other. The stress is almost always on the first syllable.

Thank You - Paldies
Please - Ludzu
No Thank You - Ne Paldies
Yes - Ja
No - Ne
Cheers! - Preika!
Hello - Sveiki
Good Morning - Labrit
Good Evening - Labvakar
Bye - Visu labu
Good day - Labdien
Here - Te
You (formal) - Jus
You (informal) - Tu
My name is... - Mani Sauc...
How are you? - Ka tev iet?
I don’t understand - Es nesaprotu
Do you speak English? - Vai Jus runajat angliski?
Where is ...? - Kur atrodas ...?
Street - Iela
Square - Laukums
Money - Nauda
I would like... - Es veletos
How much does it cost? - Cik tas maksa
Open - Atverts
Closed - Slegts
Restaurant - Restorans
Café - Kafejnica
Beer - Alus
Juice - Sula
Mineral Water - Mineraludens
Milk - Piens
Meat - Gala
Bread - Maize
The bill please - Ludzu, rekinu

one - viens
two - divi
three - tris
four - cetri
five - pieci
six - sesi
seven - septini
eight - astoni
nine - devini
ten - desmit
100 - simts
1000 - tukstotis
I live in Riga - Es dzivoju Riga

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